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Young Workers Awareness Training

Young Workers Awareness Program Booklet
Young Workers Awareness Program.

Industrial Safety Trainers first partnered with the WSIB and the IAPA in 2004 to deliver the WSIB’s initiative to educate the youth in Ontario as to their rights as workers and how to identify workplace hazards.  Industrial Safety trainers has delivered to thousands of high school students in assemblies and small class room presentations over the years.

To be able to ensure that we are able to offer this program to as many schools as we can, Industrial Safety Trainers designated 3 of their best safety trainers to deliver these programs to our local schools.

The focus of our presentations is to educate new and young workers as to what they can expect as they enter into a workplace or Co Op placement. Topics include the “7 Things You Need To Know” elements as defined by the WSIB. We review the 3 basic rights of workers and then go into a pictorial hazard identification slide show. The trainers will then share with the participants stories and situations that they have experienced over the years as part of raising awareness.Young Workers Awareness Program - 360 Degrees

In recognition for the extensive work that he has done with Young Workers, Randy Dignard, President of Industrial Safety Trainers Inc., was the recipient of the 2009 IAPA Youth Initiatives Award of Merit, and the Youth Initiatives Provincial Award of Merit.