Day of Mourning, April 28

Apr 27, 2018 Uncategorised

day of mourning


Every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, a worker dies. The National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28th was established to remember those lost and strive to prevent workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries. This day was first established in 1991 and has now spread across 80 countries worldwide. In 2012, 306 workers in Ontario died and Ontario currently has the highest fatality rate in Canada. In a 20 year period from 1993 – 2012, 18,039 people lost their lives due to work related causes.

These people who lost their lives never went home again because their employer failed to ensure safety in the workplace. Family members and love ones suffer in grief and employers suffer in regret. Let us take the time to remember those lives lost, let us remember families and loved ones who have suffered through grief and let us remember those employers who have taken the time to provide you with the training you not only have the right to have, but deserve. Let’s prevent the loss of life in your workplace together.

Let us now have our moment of silence.


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