Nunavut & NWT Health & Safety Training


Industrial Safety Trainers has been providing health and safety training to Canada’s North for 20 years now.  As a WSCC approved training provider of the Supervisor Health & Safety Training Course, we offer many other Health & Safety courses to NWT and Nunavut business.  All training done in the north reflect your safety legislation and codes of practice, which means the training is specific to NWT and Nunavut and not generic to other provinces. 

Our trainers and consultants have been working in the north for years and are familiar with the work and family culture of the north.  

Get Your Training

  • On-site at your location,
  • At public training sessions (open to all businesses) in your community when available,
  • Or Distance Learning which is instructor led face to face virtual training.  


The below safety training courses have been developed for businesses in NWT and Nunavut reflecting your environments and legislative needs:

Courses Offered

About This Course

NWT/Nunavut Supervisor Safety Course

WSCC Approved Program
2 day Safety Course- Click Here for more info
Offered via Distance Learning & public sessions (open to all businesses)

The following are the dates in 2024 that this course is offered:

July 29 & 30: 10:00 am EST

November 25 & 26: 10:00 am EST

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Elevated Work Platform Safety Certification 4 hours plus practical evaluations
Forklift Safety Awareness Training (including zoom boom forklifts) 4 hours plus practical evaluations
Confined Space Awareness Training 4 to 6 hours
Fall Arrest & Fall Protection 4 hours- Suggested for any person who may be working at heights such as ladders or EWP’s

Meets & exceeds the WSCC current Code of Practice for Fall Protection Personal Protective Devices

Working At Heights (for construction)

Two delivery formats; Blended E-learning and live classroom. Blended E-learning consists of a 3-4 hour online unit combined with an approximate 4 hour live classroom session. The classroom format of the session is a full 8 hours.

Train the Trainer Programs Offering many Train the Trainer courses, contact our office to see how you can train your own in-house trainers.
Scaffold Safety 4 hour training session, done on site at your job site
Violence & Harassment Training for Supervisors and Workers The training sessions for supervisors is a 2 hour session and training sessions to workers is 1 hour.  Training is ideally company specific as we want to train and educate your staff on your company policy and procedures and  not something generic.
Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors This 3 hour training session is focused on teaching supervisors on how to detect and investigate possible impaired workers in the workplace.
Mobile Crane Safety 4 to 6 hours plus practical evaluations
Fire Extinguisher Training This 1 to 2 hour training session can be combined with other smaller training sessions.
Spill Response This 1 to 2 hour training session can be combined with other smaller training sessions.
Asbestos and Mold Safety Awareness This 1 to 2 hour training session can be combined with other smaller training sessions.


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About Training in the North

Because of the distance between communities, most of our training has to be planned in advance. To keep the costing down for businesses, we try to get multiple business together to do the training, thus helping drive down the costing. If you need some training, let us know and we will contact other business in your community to see if we can get enough people together for training.  If we are going to a smaller community, we will try and offer as much training as we can while we are there to allow those communities and business to ensure continued compliance with health and safety. If you want to be notified of when we will be in your area training clicking here.


Regular Scheduled Training

Industrial Safety Trainers normally has a schedule that shows when we will be in certain cities and hamlets, but because of COVID-19 restrictions those schedules have been suspended.  As soon as we are able to travel through out NWT and Nunavut a new schedule will be posted.

Most of our courses are now available using the newest learning platform we call “Distance Learning”, this means we can teach these courses and participants can be anywhere to participate. If  you go to our course selection you will see when these courses are being offered and you can book a seat in those courses as well.  Industrial Safety Trainers has been approved by the WSCC to teach using this new format of learning.

You can schedule your own training session by contacting our office or click here to request a quote.


Consulting Services

  1. Construction project safety management
  2. Development of Health & Safety Programs as required by WSCC
  3. Employee Health & Safety Orientation programs.
  4. Policy development
  5. Violence and Harassment policy and procedure development
  6. Rescue Training for falls and confined space situations
  7. Accident / incident investigation
  8. Assisting, coaching and mentoring Health & Safety Committees \ Safety Reps in performing their duties as a safety rep.

About Industrial Safety Trainers

We at Industrial Safety Trainers believe that we can make a difference. We provide training and consulting services that will change the way workers look at safety in the workplace. We offer a very unique way of training; a discussion based method of learning. Our training team is a highly skilled group of certified professionals with a wealth of industry experience and work related background but most importantly, they are passionate about safety training. Our support staff strives to understand our client realities and through collaboration and purposeful listening ensures facilitation of each specific training or consulting request. Each team member works tirelessly to make the registration process for training courses easy and enjoyable.

We operate offices out of Barrie and Ottawa. Industrial Safety Trainers is becoming one of the largest training providers in Canada. Training can take place at a variety of different training venues such as our state of the art mobile training center called the Safety Bus, our conference centers located at either our head office in Barrie or our new training centre in Ottawa, along with other locations that we feel are appropriate for training courses to be delivered.

“We believe the goal of making a workplace safe should not be a burden to the employer, it should be easy and affordable. We strive to ensure that our clients are educated about the applicable provincial and federal safety laws and how they should be applied.”