Sandi Bonwick, Goodall Canada

Sep 07, 2017

Good morning Tammy:

I just received in the mail a copy of the ‘Huronia Business Times Newspaper’.

I usually do not get a chance to read these newspapers right away but noticed the front page article on ‘Industrial Safety Trainers’ with the picture of ‘The Safety Bus’ in the background.

I immediately took the time to read through the article and would like to share with your company how much we, as an employer, appreciate the services that your company has offered us over the years.

Your employees take safety seriously and should be recognized for all their efforts.

Your staff from reception through trainers is always very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs.

As an employer, who has also used your ‘Safety Bus’ service over the years, I cannot convey how much easier it makes our job in keeping our employees safety trained.

For our employees who come into work into a factory on a daily basis, the ‘Safety Bus’ is a nice change of environment where safety training can be a real focus of the day.  Congratulations to all of your employees for your company being recognized as a role model in workplace safety!

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