Train The Trainer - Lock Out / Tag Out Training Program

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
Train The Trainer - Lock Out / Tag Out Training Program

Our Train The Trainer Programs provide your trainers with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively train operators and evaluate their competence. All programs that are delivered to you are accredited training programs and exceed all applicable industry standards and government regulations.

Your company trainers will learn the instructional techniques involved to best communicate these concepts in a classroom and/or field environment.

The following are prerequisites for this Train The Trainer Program.

Lock Out / Tag Out Training Program
Participants of this course should have had some form of Lock Out Tag Out training prior to taking this course.

Participants will receive training in the following elements:

  • What is Lock Out Tag Out
  • What does the law say about Lock Out Tag Out.
  • The procedures for Lock Out Tag Out
  • What is considered a “Special Circumstance”
  • Machine Lock Out
  • Guarding requirements for Lock Out Tag Out.
  • The different forms of energy.
  • Lock Out Tag Out Devices.
  • The 6 steps to locking out equipment.
  • Understanding Adult learning styles
  • How to become an effective in house safety trainer
  • How to evaluate your training initiatives.
  • Lesson Planning
  • What is your first step.

Program Duration

1 Day

Min Participants


Max Participants


See prerequisites


The Safety Bus


per session

* price does not include HST
* travel costs may apply
* Additional participants will be charged a nominal fee

Course Includes:  Training Binders which include all necessary training materials, as well as copies of the training manual, CD containing applicable forms & templates and a long list of teaching aids including wall certificates. Also included are sample Lockout / Tagout Procedures.


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