Lock Out / Tag Out Training

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
Lock Out / Tag Out Training

Participants of this Program will be trained in the following Regulations as required by the Occupation Health and Safety Act:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Industrial Establishments (Regulation 851)
  • Section 42 – Electrical Lockout
  • Sections 75 and 76 – Maintenance and Repairs

Participants of Industrial Safety Trainers Inc.’s Lock Out/Tag Out Safety Training Program will receive training in the following elements:

  • What is Lock Out/Tag Out?
  • Manager and Employee Responsibilities.
  • Lockout/Tagout Regulations.
  • Forklift Lockout/Tagout.
  • Machine Lockout/Guarding.
  • Pre-installation Inspections.
  • How To Identify Lockout Situations.
  • Worst Case Scenarios.
  • Energy Forms.
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Devices.
  • The Six-Step Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures.

 This course is also offered online for $24.95. Click here for details regarding e-Learning modules and account registration.

Program Duration

4 Hours

Distance Learning Duration

3-4 hours

Min Participants


Max Participants


Lock Out Tag Out copyWorkers that are required to lockout equipment for servicing or cleaning, Managers, Front Line Supervisors, Lead Hands, Maintenance / Set-up Staff

Public Classroom


The Safety Bus

Distance Course

Classroom DatesBook OnlineDistance Dates

Course Includes:

  • Manuals
  • Wallet Card
  • Forms and Templates
  • Test/Quizzes
  • Records of Training


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