JHSC Part 1 Construction Certification (3 Days)

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
JHSC Part 1 Construction Certification (3 Days)

Health & Safety Representatives are required to receive training to enable them to fulfill their role as a Health and Safety Representative.  Every workplace that employs 20 or more workers, is required under Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act to establish a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC). At a minimum there must be at least 1 JHSC member representing workers and 1 JHSC member representing management that are certified by a CPO approved training provider like Industrial Safety Trainers.  Even if your company is not required to establish a JHSC but is required to have a worker appointed as the company’s Health & Safety Representative, it is recommended that they receive this training.  Health and Safety hazards on a construction project can cause serious injury, illness or death if not managed well.  Health and safety representatives play a very important role in preventing accidents, incidents and near misses.


Construction JHSC Certification Training is broken into 2 parts:

JHSC Part One (1), which is a mandated 3 day or 19.5 hours of training

JHSC Part Two (2), which is a 3 day course to identify significant hazards in construction workplaces

Refresher Training is a course that is taken within 3 years after becoming JHSC certified.  This is a one day course.


The role of a Health & Safety Representative, regardless who they represent (workers/ management) is to advise the employer and supervisors of area that may be in non-compliance with OHSA, standards and best practices. This is done by understanding what the safety laws say, what kinds of standards are out there, what kinds of hazards are found within a workplace.  JHSC certification training provides participants with the knowledge and information they need to be an effective health and safety representative.

During the discussion based training, the following subjects are discussed and reviewed as part of this course:

  • Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act including enforcement, offences and penalties for non-compliance
  • The requirements for a business to have a Health and Safety Policy and Program
  • Duties and responsibilities of all workplace parties
  • How to identify a hazard in your workplace, and how to identify controls for those hazards
  • The role of Safety Representatives and their authority in the workplace
  • Work stoppages and work refusals
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment
  • Workplace and accident investigation and inspections
  • Requirements in the event of a workplace accident
  • How to run an effective JHSC at your workplace

The next step is taking Part 2 Construction Certification Training

Program Duration

3 Days

Min Participants


Max Participants


JHSC Members and Health and Safety Reps. Employers, Managers, Supervisors in the construction sector


Public Classroom


Classroom Dates

Course Includes:

  • Participant Manual
  • Forms and Templates
  • Copy of the OHSA Book
  • MLITSD Guideline to the ACT
  • MLITSD Guideline to Health & Safety Representatives
  • Auditable Record of Training Including Attendance Report
  • Certificate of Accomplishment and a CPO Approved Wallet Card
  • Proof of Training Made Available on the MLITSD Certification Management System (CMS)


About Industrial Safety Trainers

We at Industrial Safety Trainers believe that we can make a difference. We provide training and consulting services that will change the way workers look at safety in the workplace. We offer a very unique way of training; a discussion based method of learning. Our training team is a highly skilled group of certified professionals with a wealth of industry experience and work related background but most importantly, they are passionate about safety training. Our support staff strives to understand our client realities and through collaboration and purposeful listening ensures facilitation of each specific training or consulting request. Each team member works tirelessly to make the registration process for training courses easy and enjoyable.

We operate offices out of Barrie and Ottawa. Industrial Safety Trainers is becoming one of the largest training providers in Canada. Training can take place at a variety of different training venues such as our state of the art mobile training center called the Safety Bus, our conference centers located at either our head office in Barrie or our new training centre in Ottawa, along with other locations that we feel are appropriate for training courses to be delivered.

“We believe the goal of making a workplace safe should not be a burden to the employer, it should be easy and affordable. We strive to ensure that our clients are educated about the applicable provincial and federal safety laws and how they should be applied.”