Workplace Housekeeping

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 50 minutes

* Available in French

It has been said that there is a place for everything… and everything in its place! This concept can also be applied to workplace health and safety. Every workplace is subject to housekeeping hazards, which are often the cause of frequent and compensable injuries.

When it comes to workplace housekeeping, we often think of these duties as being carried out by the maintenance or custodial staff, when in fact workplace housekeeping is EVERYBODY’S responsibility. Housekeeping is about more than just convenience and cleanliness – it is an ongoing process that is integral to accident and fire prevention.

Employers and supervisors must ensure a safe workplace by controlling hazards. Workers must work in compliance with occupational health and safety laws, including the obligation to report hazards in the workplace and follow all internal workplace health and safety policies and procedures.