Office Health and Safety

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
    • Language: English
    • Duration: 70 minutes

* Available in French

Offices are workplaces that are not often considered as sources of hazards. However, both health and safety hazards can be present in an office setting. Office specific hazards can include poor lighting, electrical hazards, poor workstation design or slippery floors. These hazards, among others, can cause bodily injury or illness to any person within the workplace.

This course is intended for any person working within an office setting and provides an overview of common health and safety hazards, as well as preventive measures for injuries and illnesses relating to office work.

Upon completing this online course, participants should:


  • Be familiar with aspects of a Health and Safety Policy
  • Be familiar with health and safety programs including workplace inspections, accident/incident investigations, emergency response and Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Understand how to recognize, assess and control office health hazards and safety hazards
  • Be aware of office-specific hazards and related prevention techniques