Bullying Prevention and Positive School Climate (Ontario)

This course is offered anywhere in Ontario
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 60 minutes

In 2012, Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act, was passed. It is an Act to amend the Education Act of Ontario with regards to bullying and other matters. The Act requires all school boards to take preventative measures against bullying, issue tougher consequences against bullying and support students who want to promote understanding and respect for all.

This new legislation is part of an ongoing effort to make Ontario schools safe, inclusive and accepting places to learn.

The focus of this course is bullying prevention and intervention, as well as strategies for promoting positive school climates. It also provides an opportunity for teachers and other staff members in a school to increase their understanding and awareness of inappropriate student behaviour and their ability to respond to inappropriate student behaviour.

*This course is designed to provide annual instruction for all school board employees. In addition, it is designed to meet the training needs of new and casual workers.