Precautions for all Training Sessions

At Industrial Safety Trainers, we are committed to providing a comfortable and safe experience for all of our participants during public and private training sessions. IST wants to ensure our facilities and sessions are a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, regardless of personal decisions related to the newly updated pandemic health measures. As part of our commitment, the following is applicable as of March 21st, 2022, for all in-person training sessions.


Provincial regulations no longer require masking; IST highly encourages all clients and staff to continue to don masks, especially in training sessions whereby social distance cannot be maintained.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is no longer formally mandated. IST does however encourage social distance adherence out of an abundance of caution and has instructed our staff to continue to distance where and when possible.


Formal screening and temperature checks are no longer required. If a scheduled participant is not feeling well, IST recommends that the participant contact their direct supervisor for appropriate direction.

Private Sessions

IST Trainers will adhere to the business’s workplace-specific policies. Please ensure you communicate your company’s expectations to your Account Manager, so we can inform the assigned trainer.

Personal Hygiene for Public Sessions

Hand sanitizer, hand soap, and water will be made available at all public training locations. Participants are encouraged to sanitize and/or wash their hands at the beginning of any training session and any time they get up from their seat to use a washroom, kitchen area, etc. For any sessions conducted out of our Barrie or Ottawa offices, we do request upon entry to our facilities, that visitors continue to use our sanitizing station.

Sharing of Equipment and Materials

Sharing materials (pens, manuals, etc.) is strongly discouraged during any training session. Where equipment must be shared for the purpose of practical evaluations (harnesses, elevating work platforms, etc.,) participants will be expected to sanitize or wash their hands, and where applicable, use disposable gloves to prevent cross-contamination. At public sessions, IST trainers have been directed to continue to sanitize common touchpoints, before, during, and after training sessions.