Amanda Harkins-Reiber, Kenworth Truck Centres

Sep 07, 2017

Industrial Safety Trainers throughout the years have developed excellent hands on personal training, which embraces its participants with the ability of relating the training to industry specifics.  Their trainers are all of outstanding caliber; can relate, but, most importantly have the experience and knowledge of various industries equal to decades of training and exposure.  They share their information and do not just give you a handout.  They give you the tools to use and the support to implement the tools to achieve your goals.  The serviceable staff creates an efficient team that deal with every customer with the utmost care no matter the concern.  Industrial Safety Trainers has a refreshing approach to the safety industry by quality training and service, open-mindedness and always being one step ahead.  I will always have them at as my Safety Trainers no matter where I am.

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