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Setting the Record Straight – WHMIS 2015

Recently we have experienced an influx of inquiries pertaining to urgent training requirements for WHMIS 2015 which are a result of companies receiving phone calls that are nothing short of aggressive sales tactics and misleading information – this is NOT ok! 
You may be contacted by someone advising you that;
  • Any WHMIS training you have received in the past is no longer valid
  • You are required to obtain NEW WHMIS 2015 training as soon as possible in order to avoid negative actions from the Ministry of Labour
  • In order to comply with your due diligence, you MUST go to a specific website to obtain the ONLY approved WHMIS GHS training
  • No other companies are providing the approved and current WHMIS 2015
  • You may be given the impression that this person is employed with a government agency and they are acting in your best interests 
  • The list goes on…. 
Industrial Safety Trainers does our best to make every effort to ensure information is presented and made available through our social media, newsletters and our website. We have provided updates as they become available for the amended the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the WHMIS Regulation which addresses the international standard for Global Harmonized Symbols (GHS).
The new regulation which came in to effect on July 1 2016 and will have a transition phase that will end December 1 2018. During this phase employers are required to ensure that employees are trained in both standards as it pertains to the specific product being handled at their facility. For further information and detail on the transition phase, please refer to the following link; 
Find information applicable by your jurisdiction at; 
If you wish to file a complaint on the tactics of a company soliciting products and training services contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501, 
Useful information and free downloads; 
To lodge a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau;  
And as always, if Industrial Safety Trainers can be of any assistance in answering questions, clarifying your training requirements and/or providing training please reach out to us – we are always happy to hear from you.
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