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At Industrial Safety Trainers, we are experts in helping our clients navigate all the complexities of meeting compliance with our provincial safety laws. Call us at 800-219-8660 and ask to speak to one of our no cost safety consultants or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll start the discussion.

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Training is one of many actions that an organization can take to improve its performance and profitability It is proven that properly training your employees will reduce the risk of workplace injury, increase business productivity, develop positive relationships, and increase morale and job performance.

E-learning provides an excellent alternative to classroom training. It allows for greater mobility by the removal of the barriers of time and location. IST has assembled this library of online training units to meet the varied needs and budgetary constraints of all our clients; small, medium or large enterprises.

Note: All sales are final. We do not provide refunds for any online units purchased through Industrial Safety Trainers (Construction Safety Trainers).

Training has never been so effortless and affordable!

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At Industrial Safety Trainers, we are experts in helping our clients navigate all the complexities of meeting compliance with our provincial safety laws. Call us at 800-219-8660 and ask to speak to one of our no cost safety consultants or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll start the discussion.


Health & Safety Program Management Software

Industrial Safety Trainers has partnered with the team at Site Docs to help business in putting their entire safety program online and easily accessible to your staff.

The problem for most companies with paper is that it is difficult, time consuming and often ineffective.


  • It’s nearly impossible to monitor daily safety activity
  • Huge amounts of paperwork to sort through for safety manager
  • Workers often find safety paperwork a hassle and a burden


  • Printing, photocopying, creating binders, etc.
  • Distributing paper forms each job site, vehicle, etc.
  • Collecting forms from workers after they have been completed and delivering to head office
  • Filing each and every document
  • Retrieving documents from filing room


  • Safety processes can be missed or ignored by workers
  • Safety culture is hampered by the frustration of dealing with paper

The SiteDocs Solution

This safety management software will make managing safety compliance easier, faster and better!


  • Easily monitor safety activity across all job sites with real-time safety feed
  • Your entire safety program in a single app, right at your workers’ fingertips
  • No. More. Paper.



  • Form templates and PDFs you create are immediately available on worker’s phone or tablet
  • Signed documents are instantly uploaded and available at head office
  • Documents are automatically organized and filed by date, location, worker, and form type
  • Find any document in seconds with ‘Google-like’ search



  • Increased visibility and accountability
  • Use leading indicators instead of lagging indicators to drive improved safety processes
  • Improved safety culture across the entire company



  • Wasted time printing, photocopying, creating binders, etc.
  • Workers spend time driving out to job sites to distribute safety documents
  • When a worker has completed a form they waste time handling the paper and storing it in their vehicle, bringing it to a site trailer, etc.
  • Workers spend time delivering signed forms to head office
  • Safety managers waste time organizing and filing paperwork



Saving just 1.5 hours a day across your entire company could save you $10,800 each year (Worker wage at $30/hr.)

Some companies have calculated over $250,000 of wages they are spending just for their workers to handle paperwork.

This software will inventory all of your policies, procedures and records. It is designed to manage all of the activities that your Safety Program requires, such as:

  • Schedules monthly safety meetings and workplace inspections
  • Tracks any safety issues that have been identified, who is responsible for resolving them and the progress in getting issues resolved.
  • Tracks changes to policy and procedures
  • It reminds you when things need to get done, such as “acting on a recommendation.”
  • Allows JHSC members to document safety inspections and sends copies to those that need to know, the same for JHSC safety meeting minutes. Sets reminders for follow-up.
  • Track all accidents and incidents and recommendations
  • Tracks safety audits and follow-up needs.
  • Tracks safety training that is required and completed.
  • Plus many more things that make managing your safety program easier. Contact our office to get a demonstration of how this fantastic software is applied and used.


Our partners at SiteDocs are here to help you go paperless and they will support you every step of the way.


  • You’ll receive a dedicated account manager
  • 90 minute end-to-end training specific to your company’s use cases
  • Tutorial videos for mobile apps and the web admin panel
  • Learn to build forms, upload documents, add locations, worker profiles, certifications and more.



  • Roll out as quickly as you’d like. We’ve had companies roll out in a single day!



  • Support by phone or email
  • Tutorials for new features and updates


  1. You’re convinced SiteDocs will make safety Easier, Faster, and Better
  2. You can see that SiteDocs has the features you need for your Safety Program
  3. You’re able to get Management & the IT Department onboard
  4. You know it’s possible to change your safety processes
  5. You’re confident in the setup & onboarding processes to get field adoption
  6. You believe the ROI of going paperless
  7. Your company has a budget or will make a budget for SiteDocs


Click here to learn more about Site Docs or to schedule a demonstration on how this program will save you money.

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