Free Safety Training for Job Seekers

Industrial Safety Trainers is pleased to be working with Employment Ontario (EO) and the Ministry of Labour, Skills and Development (MLTSD) to help Ontario’s job seekers.


As part of an initiative to help job seekers find employment EO is doing something that has never been done before, and that is offering FREE safety training that would allow job seekers to show they have had some essential safety training. Read the NEWS RELEASE.

Safety training is important to employers and when competition for jobs is high, those that can show that they have knowledge, training and experience in safety may set them apart from the other job applications.

Job Seekers can take up to 10 safety training programs that meet Ontario safety training guidelines.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to add to their resume’s to make them a better candidate for jobs.

We are excited to help Ontario be Strong by providing this service to job seekers, but you cannot get the training directly through our website.

Job seekers will need to contact their local Employment Ontario office and speak to whoever is managing their file and ask for access to the free safety training portal/ website.  You can also send an email to [email protected]