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Have you considered the convenience of hosting an on-site flu clinic at your company this year?

Workplace Medical provides over 10, 000 vaccinations annually at 300 companies. Our on-site flu clinics are a convenient and cost effective way to ensure your employees are protected and lessen the risk of spreading the virus to others.

Consider the ROI an on-site flu clinic will have on your organization based on the following stats:

Vaccinated employees experience:

13 - 44% fewer doctor visits
18 - 45% fewer lost work days
18 - 28% fewer days with reduced productivity

Click here to download a Flu ROI Calculator to find out what the ROI for your company would be. 
Influenza causes approximately 12, 200 hospitalizations and 3, 500 deaths in Canada each year.  

Booking has already begun for this year's flu program and will be available throughout November.