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CVOR Training

The Ministry of Transportation expects all carriers/companies to provide CVOR training to their drivers under the Highway Traffic Act in relation to:

  • Operating a commercial motor vehicle
  • Hours of operation and service
  • Daily Vehicle inspections reports listing defects as major or minor
  • Load Securement

The CVOR system plays a role in the Ministry of Transportation's ongoing commitment to keeping roads safe. These three separate and apart training programs promote the safe operation of trucks and buses on Ontario's roadways. Industrial Safety Trainers, and our dedicated team of professionals is committed to assisting commercial vehicle owners, operators and carriers meet their compliance needs. See below for additional information on the training programs that constitute CVOR training. These sessions can be scheduled separately or in tandem.


Course Information

Course Length: 4 hours - per training program
Course Includes:
  Certificate of Training
  Records of Training
  Attendance Report
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: Flat Rate $500.00
maximum 12 participants
  * price does not include HST 
  * travel costs may apply



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Hours of Service

Persons attending this workshop will receive training in Hours of Service as per the Ontario Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators' Safety Manual.

Participants will receive training in the following elements:

  • Hours of Service - Learning Objectives
  • Hours of Service Regulations
  • Basic Requirements
  • Daily Limits
  • Work-Shift Limits
  • Driving-Cycles Limits
  • Logbooks
  • Electronic On-Board Recording Device
  • Possession of Logs and Supporting Documents
  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Reviewing Hour of Service Logs
  • Correction Action
  • Enforcement and Penalties

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Load Securement


Compliance with National Standard
According to the Ontario Highway traffic Act
Section 2. (1) Every commercial motor vehicle carrying a load on a highway must be in compliance with Division 3 (Requirements for Cargo Securement System) and Division 4 (Tiedowns) of Part 1 of the National Standard. O. Reg.363/04. s.2 (1).

Course Content

  • Inspection Criteria
  • Securement Device Requirements
  • Interpretation of NSC Standard 10
  • Concepts of Working Load Limits
  • Canada-Wide Safe Practices
  • Cargo Packing Considerations
  • Special Commodity Securement 

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Schedule 1 Inspections


Participants will be made aware of Regulation 199/07 as it pertains to Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections, specifically Schedule 1 inspections for truck, tractors, towed trailers and converter dollies.

Course Content

  • Understanding of each part of Schedule 1
  • Understanding when a Schedule 1 inspection is required
  • Understanding of how to fill out inspection reports correctly
  • How to identify a Minor vehicle defect
  • How to identify a Major vehicle defect
  • Method of reporting Minor defects
  • What must be done when a major defect is identified
  • Understand methods of testing Air Brake Systems
  • Group Practical evaluation of inspection on tractor and/or trailer unit

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