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Consulting Services

Our consultants employ a results-based approach to health and safety that enables your organization to implement, manage and continually improve your health and safety programs. We work with our clients to identify, assess and determine safety, health and environmental needs, based on the client’s readiness and capacity.

General Consulting Services include:

  • Assisting with development of a basic Health and Safety programs
  • Preparing companies for the WSIB's WorkWell Auditing Program
  • Bill 168 - Violence in the Workplace Risk Assessment and Policy Development
  • Development and implementation of Workplace Safety Programs
  • In-House Safety Audits and Safety Assessments
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Comprehensive Accident Investigations
  • Assessing training needs
  • Creation of Job Task Analysis and Job Documents

     More in-depth consulting solutions that are based on specific client needs can include:

    • Customizing and delivering on-site training
    • Developing and delivering ‘awareness’ presentations on specific health and safety topics
    • Increasing Joint Health and Safety Committee effectiveness



    The Benefits of an Effective Policy and Program

    The benefits to having an effective workplace health and safety policy and program include:

    • A well-defined policy, backed by a sound program, and the necessary support (i.e., financial and other resources), will provide the means to establish commitment to achieving health and safety objectives throughout your entire management structure.  Experience shows that one of the single most important factors in companies with good accident records is having this clearly demonstrated commitment.
    • A workplace health and safety policy and program will ensure that your health and safety objectives are integrated at every level of the company.  In this way, your health and safety policy can function in the same way as your other policies (e.g., production, quality, or finance).
    • A sound policy and program will help to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses that have costly consequences for employers. Most obvious are those costs related to compensating and treating the injured or ill person. But there are also a host of "hidden" expenses related to lost time, productivity and production, and damage to material, equipment, and property.
    • A sound policy and program can also help your company to reduce assessment costs, and to avoid costly surcharges imposed by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).
    • A properly executed policy will help you ensure that resources for health and safety are properly allocated and accounted for, and that duplication of effort and information is avoided.
    • A sound policy and program will provide the basis for effective self-regulation through the ‘Internal Responsibility System’.  Under the Act, employers and workers must share the responsibility for workplace health and safety.