Consulting Services


Industrial Safety Trainers offers a wide range of consulting services:

safety consulting services

Development of Managed Safety Programs

That meet a variety of standards including WSIB WorkWell Audit, Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits, and CSA Z1000.  Our consultants have helped businesses prepare for safety audits for over 15 years.

Every province within Canada has established guidelines and laws regarding the requirements for a health and safety program.


A proper program that meets the provincial requirements will demonstrate how your company manages the health and safety of your workers. If you have a health and safety program in place, it should result in the ability to provide answers to the following questions:


  • What is your commitment to safety?
  • Are you required to have a JHSC in place, is it stated somewhere? How many members will you have? How will they arrange their inspections and safety meetings? How will they communicate any hazards they identify to the employer?
  • Will you investigate accidents, incidents and near misses? If so, who will be in charge? When will they be able to investigate and how will they communicate to the employer any recommendations that fall outside of the investigation?
  • What training will your workers receive? When will your workers undergo this training? Who will be in charge of instructing your workers on proper safety procedures?
  • What are the hazards in your workplace? How dangerous are these hazards? Have you done enough to protect your workers?
  • Do you know what your legal responsibilities are? Do your workers and supervisors know what their legal responsibilities are?

These are some of the many questions a proper safety program will need to address. Luckily, we develop safety programs for our clients that exceed minimum requirements! When you choose us as your safety provider you can rest assured that all questions your workers, supervisors, managers, and the Ministry of Labour ask will be answered.

WorkWell Safety Program

Has been used in Ontario since 2003, and our consultants have helped over 1,000 companies prepare for this audit. With a pass success rate of 98%, we are one of the top consulting firms in Ontario in helping business prepare for this audit.

Certificate of Recognition ( COR )

Is a relatively new program in Ontario which mainly focuses towards businesses in the construction sector. Our construction safety division are here to assist your company in preparing for this tough safety audit. There are many options we can offer to assist you, including writing your policies and procedures, helping you implement your safety program, and demonstrate that it is being applied and used correctly by your team.

Development of Employee Health and Safety Orientation Program

Is an essential tool for every business, as it is required by law that all employers must provide a certain amount of training to all new workers. The requirements for this are listed on the Ministry of Labour website.

We have helped thousands of businesses across Ontario meet the requirements of Regulation 297/13 by developing their employee safety orientation programs.

Other Consulting Services:

  • Hazard Risk Analysis
  • Writing of Lock out Tag Out Policies and procedures
  • Development of Confined Space Programs
  • Confined Space Rescue Plans
  • Working at Heights Risk Assessments and Plans
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Coaching and Mentoring your management and JHSC members.
  • Worksite Safety Inspections
  • AODA Policy and Programs
  • Violence Risk Assessments
  • Violence and Harassment policy and procedure development


About Industrial Safety Trainers

We at Industrial Safety Trainers believe that we can make a difference. We provide training and consulting services that will change the way workers look at safety in the workplace. We offer a very unique way of training; a discussion based method of learning. Our training team is a highly skilled group of certified professionals with a wealth of industry experience and work related background but most importantly, they are passionate about safety training. Our support staff strives to understand our client realities and through collaboration and purposeful listening ensures facilitation of each specific training or consulting request. Each team member works tirelessly to make the registration process for training courses easy and enjoyable.

We operate offices out of Barrie and Ottawa. Industrial Safety Trainers is becoming one of the largest training providers in Canada. Training can take place at a variety of different training venues such as our state of the art mobile training center called the Safety Bus, our conference centers located at either our head office in Barrie or our new training centre in Ottawa, along with other locations that we feel are appropriate for training courses to be delivered.

“We believe the goal of making a workplace safe should not be a burden to the employer, it should be easy and affordable. We strive to ensure that our clients are educated about the applicable provincial and federal safety laws and how they should be applied.”