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Aug 10, 2017
Perspective – A Journey Towards Workplace Health and Safety

I have been involved with workplace health and safety for over 20 years, and during this time I have advised many people on the reasons why workplace safety is so important. I have had some great successes in doing this, but I have also met a lot of resistance to the idea of change. During […]

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Under Pressure!

Greetings, readers – I was asked to write a blog for your enjoyment – “Pressure to get work done.” Now when I saw the topic in my inbox, I’m not going to lie; I heard a bass line in the background – cue Queen and Bowie! Is it stuck in your head now? You’re welcome. […]

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Why Human Resources and Health and Safety are Essential Partners

As I approach my 5th anniversary at Industrial Safety Trainers, I am starting to reflect on how my career has been going. You know there is a reason why recruiters always ask where you see yourself in 5 years – it’s about career goals. So, time for some personal reflection. As a Certified Human Resources […]

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